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# BayesianLearning
This Repo is about implementing the Bayesian Learning Models that correspond to the Preprocessed MRI Data.
You can find all the Code and Data under Code.
As with the other Project, I summarize the latest things I did and put it into the Folder News_For_Wouter.
This Repo is all about Analyzing the urn task.
I this is for both, MRI data, collected by Robert and Corinna and the Developmental Data I collected.
Since they are so similar i though i´d make sense to put them in a common Repository.
* News about the MRI will be in the Folder News_For_Wouter located in the Brainy Marbles directory.*
* News about the Developmental Study which we ran in the Lab Downstairs are located in the Developing Marbles Directory*
If you feel like it you can acess everything I did and keep better track of what I am doing by checking the scripts in Code.
You can as well clone the Repository and push responses this might be handy for collaboration.
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