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the Markdown file is always messed up

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......@@ -150,7 +150,9 @@ Exponential Discount Factor.
This is the model as I understood it from your mail. Insted having a
sequential updateing like before i sum over all bits of information and
put it to the power of some discount factor *δ*
*P**o**s**t**e**r**i**o**r*<sub>*p*(*b**l**u**e*)</sub> ∼ *B**e**t**a*(*α* + (∑*k*)<sup>*δ*</sup>, *β* + (∑(*N* − *k*))<sup>*δ*</sup>)
This assumes a more holistic processing but i think it may actually be
a good heuristic given that the stimuli are presented such a short
amount of time.
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