add tests for instructions

parent 95b8794c
"""Simple tests for the instructions that do not rely on psychopy."""
import os.path as op
import sp_experiment
from sp_experiment.define_instructions import (provide_start_str,
def test_provide_start_str():
"""Test str provider."""
s = provide_start_str(True, 'active', 'en')
assert 'TEST for task A' in s
s = provide_start_str(False, 'passive', 'de')
assert 'der Aufgabe B' in s
def test_provide_stop_str():
"""Test str provider."""
s = provide_stop_str(True, 'de')
assert 'Die TEST Aufgabe' in s
s = provide_stop_str(False, 'en')
assert 'The task is over' in s
def test_provide_blockfdb_str():
"""Test str provider."""
data_file = op.join(op.dirname(sp_experiment.__file__), 'tests', 'data',
s = provide_blockfbk_str(data_file, 1, 1, 'en')
assert 'Block 1/1 done' in s
s = provide_blockfbk_str(data_file, 1, 1, 'de')
assert 'Block 1/1 beendet' in s
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